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8 March 8 - International Women's Day

On March 8, 1917, during World War II, about 90,000 women workers in Russia organized a manifesto against poor working conditions, hunger and Russian participation in the war, in a protest that became known as "Bread and peace". Since then, the date was chosen to commemorate the mobilization for the achievement of women's rights. This fact is responsible for choosing the date of International Women's Day, as the flagship event that brings us to the significance of the day was the tragedy that has killed 130 weavers victims of arson occurred on 25 March. The day was not originally created with this festive and consumerist character of today. It was established to MOBILIZE and not to COMMEMORATE.


It is clear that significant changes occurred in the situation of women that deserve to be celebrated, however, it is not yet time for celebration. It's a shame that even today, one in three women suffer physical, sexual, or both, within the home. It's a shame that women who occupy the same function of men, with equal capacity, receive lower wages simply because they are women. It's a shame that women are victimized twice in war situation, when they are raped in refugee camps, and in most cases neglected by the authorities. It's a shame that in the XXI century, girls are forced to marry old men enough to be their grandfathers. It's a shame that even in some places, genitally mutilate a girl is not considered crime and violence that receive the name of "cultural tradition". We still live days of shame. And in the days of shame, we must unite pointing to this injustice to correct the course in the future, for, in a few years, have sufficient reason to just celebrate.


It is still necessary to search for BREAD AND PEACE! Help us make this month a mobilization for the women who are suffering around the world.


Cláudia Helena de Oliveira

Presidente of Daughter of Sarah Institute

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