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"We have the right to be equal when our difference makes us inferior. And we have the right to be different when our equality decharacterizes us. Hence the need for an equality that acknowledges differences and a difference that does not produce, or reproduce inequalities."  Boa Ventura Souza Santos



Our action is supported by fundamental principles that are present in the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 and express ideals of peace, freedom and social justice.


The dignity of the human person

Each and every person is worthy and deserving of respect of their peers and are entitled to good living conditions and opportunities to realize their projects.


Equal rights

Everyone should be able to exercise rights and political duties, civil and social, encouraging the development of solidarity and cooperation actions within a community of equals.


Social participation

Social participation is a right and duty of every citizen. The participation of different actors in society allows citizenship and democracy to take effect and creates conditions for the community seek to manage their problems from the perspective of the common good.


The coresponsibility for social life

Our actions have consequences. We are all responsible for the destiny of society and the planet.



Everyone has the right to freedom of movement, freedom of belief and freedom of expression.


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