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Violence Against Women

Every day, millions of women - children, teenagers and adults - suffer violence worldwide. This abuse takes different forms, from beatings and insults inflicted on women by their own partners in the privacy of their home to the unimaginable cruelties done in the name of honor, religious faith or cultural tradition. Among them are included genital mutilation and forced marriage, in many countries, they are not considered crimes, despite clearly being infringements of human rights.


The abuse and neglect go hand in hand, to the extent that, in many places, even violent acts known punishable as human trafficking and rape are ignored by society and legal bodies.


In some countries, maneuvers are engendered to prevent the complaint and the host of women, starting with the bureaucracy to make a complaint and the psychological pressure on the victim, making her feel "responsible" for the violence suffered. Thus, the victim stigmatizes and justified the executioner creating a culture of fear. And if these barriers are overcome, the victims still have to face the shame and exposure in a court, where they will be forced to relive the pain and suffering. In extreme cases, they still suffer more violence in attempts to prevent the process reaches the end. Global estimations indicate that one in three women suffer physical, sexual or both within their own homes. In the case of other types of violence against women, there is a significant growth in these proportions.

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